Adrien Rabiot and Manchester United fail to agree to terms as deal could now collapse

The attempt by Manchester United to sign Adrien Rabiot is off the table as both parties fail to reach an agreement. The Red Devils are still keen on signing Dutch midfielder, Frenkie de Jong.

For any top star to play for Manchester United, it has to be worth their while. The fallen giants are definitely in a rut. The mess is many years in the making, and it would take more than Hercules to clean out the rubble created at Old Trafford. The club has plodded through several negative headlines but have failed to address the source of the problem.

Manchester United believe that buying top-quality players would improve the ones they have but has struggled to convince any serious player to join the charade at Old Trafford. They have been busy doing nothing to give the impression that they want to buy players.

They have recorded minimal success in their quest to attract quality personnel. The latest in line in the comedy show at Manchester United is Adrien Rabiot, who seems to have pulled the plug on his part of the drama.

Manchester United fails in the bid for Rabiot

Many have shouted from the rooftop that Manchester United needs a defensive midfielder and a proven attacker. The club seems to have listened but are unserious in addressing the matter.

The management at Old Trafford do not realize that the Red Devils are no longer a big club and do not have the pull to attract top-quality players. To achieve it, they have to make it worth their while.

The well-publicized attempt to sign Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot seems to have come off the rails as player and club have failed to reach an agreement. United were looking to strengthen their fragile midfield with the signing of the 27-year-old, but it has not gone to script.

The Red Devils have had to make do with Fred and Scott McTominay in an experiment that has yielded disastrous results.

United and Rabiot fail to agree on wages

United had agreed on a figure with the Italian side but is some way off a meeting point with the French midfielder. According to reports, the wages demanded by Adrien Rabiot have been the issue as the club is unwilling to pay what the midfielder wants.

As the wild goose chase continues, there is still hope of a deal. United made Adrien Rabiot an offer they believed he couldn’t resist, but it made no impact as playing in the Europa League is not something players of his calibre would fancy. United had offered to make Rabiot one of their top earners.

Manchester United have been running around the transfer market without a proper plan and has come up short in every attempt to buy a player. The disgraceful pursuit of Frenkie de Jong is well publicized, with another report suggesting they have an eye on Champions League winner Casemiro.

There is a remote chance that United could still revive the deal for Rabiot, but in the interim, it is dead in the water. Rabiot joined Juventus in 2019 as a free agent and has just a year left on his contract.

United have not given up hope on signing Frenkie de Jong. The Barcelona and Netherlands midfielder has always been their first option, but the Dutchman is not keen on joining Manchester United. Erik Ten Ha hopes they can still convince De Jong, but the player prefers to remain at the Nou Camp.

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