Anthony Davis’s Wrist Injury Hindered His Long-Range Shooting Last Season

California’s EL SEGUNDO is the setting for this sentence. Anthony Davis displayed his complete range of skills in the 2020 NBA Finals for the Los Angeles Lakers, when he shot over 40% from beyond the arc.

Davis’s 3-point percentage plummeted to 18.6 last season, helping the Lakers to a 22nd-place finish in the NBA in that category. Overall, Davis’ season was disappointing due to the 42 games he lost due to knee and ankle problems.

Following the Lakers’ second day of training camp under new coach Darvin Ham on Tuesday, he admitted that he was suffering from a secret illness that was affecting his accuracy.

I’ve Spent the Whole Year Battling A Wrist Condition

“Since January I was fighting a wrist ailment the entire year,” Davis stated. “As a result, my aim was off and everything else was too.

This is not an excuse, but I struggled to photograph in the style I like. I just couldn’t keep going in that direction.

When asked how horrible it was, I said, “I couldn’t follow through “What Davis had to say about it. “It hurt extremely much every time I carried it out. Moreover, I had to keep trying until I got it right.”

The Lakers’ center remains positive about the wisdom of his summer strategy, despite the criticism he received in June when a video surfaced showing him claiming he hadn’t shot a basketball since the conclusion of the regular season two months previously.

Before returning to skills practice, he had to fix his physical health. Davis said, “I’m 100 percent healthy.”

“The way I feel right now is fantastic. Guys here can attest that I’m killing it with the ball. I’ll be prepared then. If the coach puts me in a position to make a shot, whether it be midrange, in the post, or on the perimeter, I will make it.”

Ham Wants to Improve the Lakers’ Defense

While Ham has made it clear that improving the Lakers’ shaky defense is his top focus, vice president of basketball operations and general manager Rob Pelinka acknowledged this week that the team’s lack of outside shooting is still a problem.

Anthony Davis's Wrist Injury Hindered His Long Post Image

During Monday’s media day, Pelinka remarked, “I believe in terms of shooting, that’s a crucial talent.”

“Some of it may originate from outside the team, in the form of offseason roster adjustments or trades made throughout the season. However, improvement in the shooting department is not limited to external factors; we expect some of our players to develop this year.”

Early in training camp, Ham named Patrick Beverley, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn, Max Christie, and Scottie Pippen Jr. as some of the best shooters. Beverley is one of those players who has faith in his ability to be a threat from long range.

The veteran point guard responded swiftly when a reporter suggested cutting to the hoop may be part of his offensive job this year. Beverley boasted, “My stats suggest I shoot 3s.”

“I’m debating whether or not to engage in self-inflicted cutting. I can’t tell from your digits whether you’re a journalist or not. With your work and title, I’m not sure whether you should be a firefighter or anything. I’m not going to cut since you don’t want to do that.”

A Year Ago, Beverley Said This for The Timberwolves

Beverley said that last year with the Timberwolves, he shot 39% on catch-and-shoot threes, which is comparable to Stephen Curry’s success rate with the Golden State Warriors (39.5%).

The statistics don’t lie,” Beverley said. “Superb 3-point shooter who excels at playing catch-and-shoot.

The focus of my efforts has always been on defense because that is what the public perceives. The figures don’t lie, however; I can match up with the league’s top shooters.”

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