Basketball Hall of Fame Inducted Its Class of 2022 This Past Weekend

Tim Hardaway spoke on stage and recalled his early days in the NBA when his Golden State Warriors colleagues Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin would often ask him the same question.

“Tim, how great do you want to be?” they’d probe. Confessing, Hardaway said. They now know the solution. Yes, and so does everyone else. In the world of basketball, he will forever be remembered.

On Saturday night in Springfield, Massachusetts, Hardaway, Manu Ginobili, Swin Cash, Bob Huggins, Del Harris, Lindsay Whalen, Marianne Stanley, Theresa Shank Grentz, and George Karl were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hardaway said that a youngster from the rougher sections of Chicago’s east side had made it to Springfield, Massachusetts. “Incredible.”

class of 2022: Pretty Much Summed Up The Whole Evening

how the induction into the Hall of Fame is an achievement that none of the new members could have predicted, and how they are all indebted to the people who helped them get there.

Tim Duncan, already a Hall of Famer, presented Ginobili with his award, and Tony Parker, the third member of San Antonio’s renowned Big 3, will be eligible for selection next year. Ginobili has claimed that the Spurs were like a huge, powerful, supporting family to him.

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA’s all-time victories leader, will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame, although he prefers to wait until his playing days are done. Ginobili paid him more than just lip service.

I don’t know what to say, Pop. Ginobili remarked in a trembling voice, “You’ve been so crucial for me and my family, on and off the court, that I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

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Three-Time Winner At The Collegiate, WNBA, And Olympic Levels

paid respect to her UConn coach, Hall of Famer Geno Auriemma, and her Huskies teammates, particularly those from her undefeated senior year of 2001-2002.

Cash, who currently works in the front office of the New Orleans Pelicans, once quipped, “If anyone’s arguing the best basketball team ever, ask about us.”

They weren’t the only teammates of Duncan and Ginobili there. After playing together in the 1970s at Immaculata, Stanley and Shank Grentz went on to successful coaching careers and are now inducted into the Hall of Fame together.

Stanley said, “It’s the honor of a lifetime.” For her part, Shank Grentz said, “I am still overwhelmed” after finding out in April that she had been inducted.

Whalen, whose illustrious playing career has been followed by her return to her alma mater Minnesota and teaching there, may have had a first in Hall of Fame history by honoring a fast food establishment. Whalen then expressed gratitude to Burger King.

Whalen, Former Hockey Player Who Had Made The Transition

Whalen, a former hockey player, was frightened and cried before her first basketball camp. Her parents paid for camp and wouldn’t let her back out, so they negotiated. Whalen agreed to go camping for a Whopper Jr. with cheese on the journey home.

Whalen: “I had fun.”

Her parents didn’t want her to play hockey. A lecturer encouraged Harris to coach a junior-high basketball team before seminary.

Harris coached high school, college, NBA, foreign teams, and FIBA after that year.

His route to the Hall began modestly, much like Huggins, who currently coaches at his alma institution, West Virginia, and Karl, who became emotional when he paid respect to his college coach, Dean Smith, and garnered laughter while reminiscing about teaching Gary Payton.

Karl is from Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. “I’m blown away.”

Huggins coached Jerry Colangelo as he paid appreciation throughout his remarks.

Huggins: “You can clap.” “I don’t know the rules, so let’s make them up as we go.”

“Run TMC” was created by Hardaway, Richmond, and Mullin. Mullin and Richmond both joined the Hall in 2011. When Hardaway’s wait was over, they were onstage to his left.

Hardaway remarked, “Legendary.” “We’re legendary.”

Seven More Dead People Were Inducted

Hugh Evans, the NBA’s first Black referee, Lou Hudson, six-time All-Star Larry Costello, Radivoj Korac, and three former Harlem Globetrotters Wyatt “Sonny” Boswell, Inman Jackson, and Albert “Runt” Pullins were also inducted.

Bill Russell, who was inducted as a player and coach, was honored. Jerry West and Alonzo Mourning paid tribute to Russell during Saturday’s event.

Bill was a “wonderful human being” off the court, West recalled. In his way, he made everyone’s life better. Those who knew him will miss him.” Mourning praised Russell’s social justice activities. “Rest easy, pal.”

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