Bengals vs Dolphins- Prediction and Odds for Week 4

The Cincinnati Bengals are the first team to win their first game of the regular season in 2022. But they will not have much time to enjoy their victory since they have to face the Miami Dolphins after just having a brief week of rest.

The Dolphins are off to a startling 3-0 start and are coming off an emotional victory against the Buffalo Bills, who were favored to win the Super Bowl. Thursday night games are seldom simple, so do not expect this one to be any different.

The fact that the Bengals will be playing their game at home means that they will not have to deal with the challenges of traveling as much.

The fact that the Dolphins were required to put up a valiant effort to the very end of their victory against the Bills means that they are likely to be much wearier than they would normally be.

In light of all that has been stated, it is very evident that the Dolphins are a solid club, and it would be unwise to discount their chances this week.

The fact that they were able to defeat a team that a lot of people had picked to win the Super Bowl brought the Dolphins’ name to the attention of a lot of people.

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Bengals vs Dolphins: Odds Week 4

FanDuel now has the Bengals listed as a 3-0-point favorite in this game, and the money line for it is set at -158.

This game has a money line that favors the Dolphins with a score of +132, but if it were playing somewhere else, it would be called a pick ’em since the Bengals gain an additional three points for playing at home.

If this game were played anyplace else, it would be deemed a pick ’em. Both the over and under for the point total has been set at 47.5.

Our Prediction: Bengals vs Dolphins

The Dolphins are coming off of a hard-fought and emotionally draining victory over one of the top teams in the NFL, and in addition to the fact that they have to travel, which was discussed earlier, they are also coming off of a game in which they had to travel.

This brings the total number of games in which the Dolphins have had to travel in the last week to two.

As a direct consequence of their success, they are now both emotionally and mentally depleted. This bodes well for the Bengals as it suggests that the Dolphins will come into this game tired, which will give the Bengals an edge over the Dolphins.

This bodes well for the Bengals as it indicates that the Dolphins will come into this game tired. Due to the short week, it is quite likely that this game will be decided by the slimmest of margins; nonetheless.

The Bengals will have the advantage of playing at home, which provides them with a considerable advantage.

When the dust settles, they will have a record of 2-2, while the Dolphins will have suffered their first loss of the young season. As a direct consequence of this move, which pays off very well for them, they are going to win this game, which will result in an improvement in their record.

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