Bengals vs Jets: Week 3 Predictions And Odds

The Cincinnati Bengals are off to a start that is not what the organization had hoped for after winning the American Football Conference championship and coming so close to making it all the way to the Super Bowl last year.

The Bengals need to find out what is wrong with them as soon as possible because, sadly, this is the way things really are. If there were such a thing as a moral victory in sports.

Bengals vs Jets: Week 3 Predictions And Odds

 Bengals supporters would be quick to point out that their club is in a position where they might easily be 2-0 right now. They were able to draw both games even in the latter minutes, but they were unable to go ahead and win convincingly.

 It seems as if the good fortune that helped them go so far in the playoffs the year before has suddenly turned against them in these first two games.

 Even though it’s very tough for teams with a record of 0-2 to reach the playoffs, the Bengals are by no means out of the running for this season. They have an opportunity to get back on track when they play the Jets in Week 3, but the Jets squad they’ll be facing won’t be as easy to beat as they would be in a typical game.

In Week 2, New York rallied for a victory against the Browns, and in the previous season, with Mike White at the helm, the team also prevailed over the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Odds Of Bengals vs Jets Week 3

FanDuel now has the Bengals listed as a 4.5-point favorite, which indicates that if this game were to take place at Paycor Stadium, the Bengals would be listed as a 7.5-point favorite.

 The moneyline for the Jets is now set at +166, and the moneyline for the Stripes is currently set at -198.

 The present line of 45.5 points doesn’t necessarily indicate what the final tally of points will wind up being; it’s conceivable that it will be higher or lower.

Our Prediction: Bengals vs Jets

After the first three weeks of the season, it seemed as if Cincinnati had a schedule that would work to their advantage going forward. Despite expectations, this did not turn out to be the case.

After beginning the season with a record of 0-2 and then winning the AFC title, the Bengals have a game coming up against the Jets that they absolutely have to win while they are on the road.

They will not be formally eliminated from the postseason race if they lose their next two games; however, they will be in a very difficult position from which to recover, particularly if they play in the American Football Conference.

If they lose their next two games, they will not be formally eliminated from the postseason race (AFC). The Jets should be favored to win this game by a score or more in my perspective. They have the better team overall.

They shown this past week that they are not a pushover, and if the Bengals get off to another terrible start, New York has the ability to capture the lead and never look back if they do so. If they do so, though, the Bengals will have the upper hand.

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