Celtic’s Trade Danilo Gallinari For 26-Year-Old Wing

Have you thought about the Celtic’s trade Danilo Gallinari? Yeah, This summer, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens put a lot of effort into fixing the team’s depth problems. They were unable to beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Celtics Trade Danilo Gallinari For 26-Year-Old Wing

A significant portion of the reason for this failure was that they did not have any players on the bench who were capable of stepping up when the team’s starters were having difficulties.

When Danilo Gallinari became available in free agency, Boston signed him with the expectation that his shooting would provide a crucial lift to their roster. On the other hand, he was playing for Italy at EuroBasket when he tore his ACL.

Bruins Landed Danilo Gallinari Through Free Agency

Which sidelined him for the rest of the tournament. Now, the city of Boston will have to locate a suitable substitute. Even though it could be difficult for them to part ways with a player that they recently signed.

The Celtics might think about dealing with Danilo Gallinari’s contract in exchange for a player who would improve their squad. A transaction involving the wing player Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Charlotte Hornets is one of the possibilities that might become available.

If the Hornets have a successful season in the next season, the Celtics could be able to get away with moving both of their second-round selections. However, this outcome is contingent on whether or not the Hornets have a successful season.

However, given the current state of affairs, it seems as if they will finish among the bottom five teams in the Eastern Conference.

Why This Trade Would Be Beneficial for Both Teams?

It shouldn’t be too difficult for the Celtics to pull off this move. They would pay a relatively cheap price to get an additional wing player who would be able to offer them reliable shooting and scoring off the bench.

Even though he is not a very good defender, if they were to get him in exchange for what they would be giving up, it would be a good acquisition. During his first season with the Hornets, Oubre participated in 76 games and averaged 26.3 minutes of playing time per game.

He shot 44.0% from the field and 34.5% from beyond the arc, leading to an overall shooting percentage of 44.0% and an average of 15.0 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game.

Celtics Trade Danilo Gallinari For 26-Year-Old Wing Post Image

If Charlotte is unable to make a run at the Play-In Tournament, the team may try to trade Oubre’s contract in exchange for a draft selection if they are unable to do so. Given that this is the last year of his contract.

Charlotte may decide that obtaining anything in exchange for him should be one of their top priorities. In addition, the potential of moving Danilo Gallinari has been mentioned by Brian Robb of Mass Live as being a distinct possibility.

There Is A Possibility That the Celtics Will Trade Gallinari

As of the right moment, it seems that the Celtics are pleased with their team roster. However, if they believe that they need an additional push in the middle of the season, selling Gallinari for more depth may be an attractive alternative that they should explore.

According to Robb stated, “His compensation” is $6.5 million, which “opens up the door for potentially greater agreements” since Boston could take back 125 percent of that income.

If Boston included Gallinari in a trade along with a handful of players receiving minimum wage, the Celtics could be able to get a big man earning $10 million or more. Trading Gallinari gives the squad additional freedom to explore other improvements while still maintaining the integrity of their core.

Finishing Off

An unfortunate tragedy derailed Gallinari’s plans to make a significant impression in Boston, where he was slated to play. Now, the Celtics could be faced with some difficult choices that they need to make.

The possibility of having to trade Gallinari is not desirable, but it is possible that they will have to do so. Even though Oubre is not the ideal player, if Boston can get him at an affordable price, he can prove to be a worthwhile addition to their bench unit.

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