Dravid Says: People Concentrate on Virat’s Stats

“But counting the number of times he scores is not really the focus of our attention here. It all comes down to the contributions.” It should be heard clearly and loudly.

Rahul Dravid is unconcerned about Virat Kohli’s form, and while some people on the outside may be “a bit obsessed with his statistics and numbers.”

Those on the inside are aware that their former captain is worth much more than the fifties and hundreds he can score. Rahul Dravid is not worried about Virat Kohli’s form.

According to Dravid, “He played really well in the last match,” which was played against Hong Kong, and the team is pleased with his performance.

“Additionally, he will be returning after an absence of nearly a month. It is encouraging to see that he has made a speedy recovery and that he is looking forward to participating in all of the next games.

It’s not that he didn’t look forward to participating in every game that came sooner.”

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During a Conversation Prior to the Asia Cup with Star Sports

Kohli had mentioned some of the factors that contributed to his low run total. When he stated that he had been “trying to fake intensity a bit” in his drive to keep playing, he was being absolutely forthright about it.

When asked about how the rigors of his schedule had affected his love for training, Kohli said that it “disturbed” him and made him realize that he needed to “walk away” for some time. He said that the realization prompted him to take some time off.

It would appear that the plan was successful. When the team from India initially got together for this tournament in the United Arab Emirates, Rohit Sharma noticed that Kohli had a freshness about him, and Dravid agreed with that judgment.

“He is just one of those people who is constantly on,” Dravid stated in reference to Virat. “Sometimes with Virat.” It’s not that earlier he wasn’t there at all. It’s great, and I’m happy to hear that he was able to take a break and return to work feeling revitalized and stress-free.

He has the opportunity to move into the middle of the action and remain there for some time. We can only hope that this is the beginning of a tremendously successful tournament for him.

In his first two innings, Kohli has posted scores of 35 and 59* respectively. His innings against Pakistan had all the Kohli characteristics.

He did not appear to be rusty, but neither was he completely in charge of the situation. Some shots inspired awe, and some shots caused you to grit your teeth in anticipation.

In the match against Hong Kong, he overcame a sluggish beginning and proved to be the ideal complement to Suryakumar Yadav, as both batters reached contrasting half-centuries.

Dravid emphasized how important it was for the management of the team to view Kohli’s performances through a lens that does not necessarily place all of the emphasis on large scores.

“When it comes to us, it’s not really about counting the number of runs that he makes. I am aware that people, particularly in regard to Virat, tend to become a little preoccupied with his statistics and his metrics.

In Last Words

“For our purposes, it is important to consider the contributions he is capable of making during the various phases of the game as well as the nature of those efforts. It is not necessary for there to be a statistic or a number in the tens or hundreds.

In Twenty20 cricket, even the smallest contributions can go a long way toward determining a player’s role and the requirements of the team.

Virat is really motivated to deliver impressive achievements. I really hope that he can maintain his level of play throughout the tournament.”

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