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With over four billion fans worldwide, football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. The growth in technology is one of the primary factors contributing to the game's popularity. Essentially, technology has made it pretty easy to follow live soccer matches from anywhere in the world. Thanks to streaming techs, fans can watch football on TV and stream matches on the go using mobile gadgets. Better yet, there are dozens of channels and sports sites that broadcast live football matches and leagues. Still, despite being a favorite sport for many, most people know very little about it – history, leagues, etc. This piece explores various football aspects (gameplay and leagues) and live soccer streaming. So read on to learn more about football/soccer.

19:45 21 Mar

Concord Rangers vs Hungerford Town Live!

National League - South - England

  • Concord Rangers 0 00' PST 0 Hungerford Town
00:00 20 Mar
  • Liberia 0 00' CANC 0 Zimbabwe
16:30 19 Mar

Manchester City vs West Ham Live!

Premier League - England

  • Manchester City 0 00' PST 0 West Ham
16:00 19 Mar

Sakaryaspor vs Manisa BBSK Live!

1. Lig - Turkey

  • Sakaryaspor 0 00' PST 0 Manisa BBSK
16:00 19 Mar

Zeta vs Nikšić Live!

Second League - Montenegro

  • Zeta 0 00' CANC 0 Nikšić
15:00 19 Mar
  • UD Rio Maior 0 00' CANC 0 Marinhense
14:00 19 Mar

Brighton vs Manchester United Live!

Premier League - England

  • Brighton 0 00' PST 0 Manchester United
14:00 19 Mar
  • Avanti 0 00' CANC 0 Anzegem
13:00 19 Mar

Goztepe vs Samsunspor Live!

1. Lig - Turkey

  • Goztepe 0 00' PST 0 Samsunspor
12:00 19 Mar

Blackburn Rovers W vs Lewes W Live!

Women's Championship - England

  • Blackburn Rovers W 0 00' PST 0 Lewes W

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About Football

Football, popularly known as soccer in some states, is one of the earliest outdoor sports played today. The game traces its history thousands of years back. Its exact origin is not established, as different regions had their version. However, the most acknowledged basis of today's football is England, where the first Football Association was founded. Notably, modern football cropped up in 1863, when the football codes and rules were laid. However, the first documented football season - Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) - occurred in 1871 - 1872. Still, note that football was legalized in England in 1885. In 1888, the English Football league was created, and the first football season kicked off with 12 teams. Today's football is governed by the International Football Association (IFAB) and FIFA, established in 1886 and 1904, respectively. Typically, IFAB is responsible for setting standard football codes and rules. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), on the other hand, oversees international football competitions.

Football Gameplay

Football (association football) is a timed game with a ninety minutes time frame. The game has a 15 minutes halftime after the first 45 minutes. As the name suggests, the game involves maneuvering a ball to the opponent team's side to score a goal. The players, except the goalkeeper, can use all body parts except arms and hands to play. The winner is usually the team that scores the most goals within the stipulated time frame.

Major Football Leagues Today

After the FA Cup, football spread rapidly in the United Kingdom and gradually to Europe and globally. This prevalence of football led to the rise of hundreds of leagues and international competitions. Today, there are over 200 leagues, including MLS. But, five leagues have seen tremendous success, receiving significant follows worldwide. The English premier league, for example, has the most viewership globally. That said, the following are the major football leagues available today.
Premier League (EPL): EPL, also known as Premiership, is the top-tier English (England) professional soccer league. It is the most popular league in the world, established in 1992. Approximately 4.7 billion people watch English premier league-related football on TV. The league has twenty clubs, including Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United.
Major League Soccer: MLS is the United States' top association football league. It is the fastest-growing league in the world. Presently, the league comprises 27 teams and attracts millions of viewers globally. MLS was created in 1993 but had its first season in 1996. La Liga: La Liga is the other popular league worldwide, receiving billions of viewers. It is Spain's top professional league. Typically, 20 teams play in the league. La Liga was founded in 1929 and consisted of ten teams. It reached 20 clubs in 1987. Bundesliga: This is Germany's top football division. It consists of 18 teams. The league was established in 1962, and since its inception, it has been among the most followed worldwide. According to the latest statistics, Bundesliga receives approximately 4.6 billion views. DFL Sports Enterprises usually offer the league's live soccer streaming and TV broadcast rights. Serie A: The Serie A or Lega Serie A is also one of the most followed leagues in the world. It is the first division of the Italian league system. The league consists of 20 clubs. It also uses the promotion and relegation system to maintain the number of clubs. The Italian Serie A football league was founded in 1929 and consisted of 18 teams. Notably, the number of teams in the league was not consistent until 2004.

Watch Live Football on TV and Stream In 2022

Live football broadcasting has been around for decades. The evolvement of technology has, however, significantly influenced football reachability lately. You can now watch soccer on regular and smart TVs. The vast following of football and other sports has led to the rise of dozens of broadcasting channels. Some soccer's most popular broadcasting channels include beIN Sports, NBC, Sky Sports, GOL TV, TUDN, and ITV. Interestingly, most of these channels are accessible on regular TVs. All you need to do is connect your TV with a streaming media player, and you are good to go. Also, there are numerous streaming sites that make it pretty easy to stream live football on TV and other smart devices. Thus, you can follow your favorite league seamlessly anywhere in the world.

Final Words

Football has for years been the most popular sport globally. Statistics show that it is the most watched outdoor sport globally. Over four billion people watch soccer on TV and other smart devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. While hundreds of channels and websites broadcast football live, you can efficiently follow actions within your favorite league. All you have to do is connect your device to a stable internet, then select an ideal streaming site.