For Center Depth, Miami Heat Trade with Oklahoma City Thunder

It is possible that the Thunder and the Heat will be able to complete a deal in the days leading up to the start of the season that will benefit Miami and boost Oklahoma City’s depth at the center position.

As a direct consequence of the injury that Chet Holmgren sustained, it is quite evident that the Oklahoma City Thunder must have more center depth in order to compete effectively.

It Made Sense To Gamble On A Low-Risk Athlete

It would make perfect sense for them to take a chance on a player who provided a low degree of risk, who could be acquired for a price that was within reason, and who could begin playing immediately away if they were to do so.

Omer Yurtseven, who is the center for the Miami Heat and satisfies all of these requirements, is one possible candidate who might fill this role.

The front office management of the Thunder is already familiar with the Turkish big man since he was once under contract to take part in Oklahoma City’s training camp at one point in time.

The 7-footer, who spent the previous season playing for the Heat, concluded the year with an average of 5.3 points and 5.3 rebounds in just an average of 12.6 minutes of action per game.

He was a member of the Heat for the previous season. As long as Bam Adebayo and Dewayne Dedmon remain a part of the Miami Heat’s rotation at the center, it is projected that Yurtseven will continue to play a very limited role in the basketball operations of the team.

This is because Yurtseven’s primary position on the team is center. Because the Oklahoma City Thunder do not have a lot of depth at center, the 24-year-old prospect is likely going to see a large boost in the amount of playing time he receives.

This is likely going to happen very soon. In addition to this, Holmgren would be able to count on him to fulfill the role of a reliable backup center when he returns, and he even has the ability to play alongside him in certain lineups.

Even If The Thunder Don’t Have To Sell Off A Ton of Stuff To Pay Yurtseven

Even if the Thunder shouldn’t sell a huge collection of assets for Yurtseven, it would be highly advantageous for them to do so if the Heat were willing to explore a deal for a reduced number of those items.

The Thunder should not sell a large collection of assets for Yurtseven. The idea of trading young players for one another and giving the Heat one of their second-round draft picks in return is one starting point that is at least possible.

This would be an ideal scenario for both of the teams involved. Theo Maledon is a player who is already buried in Oklahoma City’s guard rotation, and if he were to be dealt, he may benefit from getting a new starting job somewhere else in the league to get a new lease on life.

Two Years Ago, When He Was 21, He Was Drafted

In the draft that took place only two years ago, when he was still a young man of 21, he came perilously close to being selected in the first round. He stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 5 inches, and he has already shown that he has the skills necessary to be a great player in the NBA.

When it comes to a transaction of this kind, everything depends on whether or if Miami is ready to part ways with Yurtseven and on their level of preparedness to do so.

This is the single most important factor. In addition to the fact that he is now ranked third on the depth chart. He will be able to negotiate a new contract with the organization after this season has come to a close and will have the opportunity to do so.

If they accomplished this, they would be able to avoid having to pay the 7-footer beyond this season, and in exchange for their services, they would get two different assets. This would be helpful from a monetary standpoint to the Heat.

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