Golf on TV and stream

Golf has a long history as an Olympic sport. The sport made its first appearance in Olympics in the 1900s. Since then, golf has remained among the most loved and played sports globally. Today, there are over 66 million golf players worldwide. On the other hand, over 5 million people follow golf on TV and live golf streaming platforms. Let's dig deeper into golf and explore various aspects of this sport. Here, we will look into golf origin and history, live golf on TV viewership, and tournaments, among other crucial elements. So read on for insights.

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Golf Origin, History, and Popularity

Golf is one of the Olympic sports played almost everywhere in the world. The sports, like most outdoor sports, originated from various ancient games. as such, the exact origin of sport of golf remains controversial. Various historians trace golf's origin to different ancient games. The sport's extensiveness can be attributed to the existence of golf-like games in various parts of the globe. Essentially, almost every continent has its reference to golf's origin. One of the most accepted theories has it that the sport evolved from a Roman game of paganica. The game traces its origin to the first century BC. Presumably, paganica spread across Europe as the Romans conquered the continent. Paganica involved hitting a feather-stuffed leather ball with a bent stick. Another theory claims that golf cropped from a Chinese game, chuiwan. The game is believed to be played between the 8th and 14th centuries. It spread to Europe in the middle ages (500–1500 CE). According to "The Autumn Banquet" (1368), players swung a golf club on a small ball, driving it into a hole. The French chicane, also known as chole, is also convincing. In chicane, players had to drive the ball to the target point with the fewest possible strokes. As for England, golf is believed to have evolved from cambuca. Still, there are other possible precursors of golf in other parts of the world. However, historians believe that golf is a blend of multiple ancient games.

Modern Golf

The most accepted theory regarding the origin of golf claims that the game was invented in Scotland in the 16th century. The earliest recorded golf courses, clubs, and rules can be traced back to the country. Also, the first professional golf tournament was played in Scotland in 1860. As such, Scots holds the credit for inventing the modern golf sport. The first mention of golf in Scotland is referenced to the bans of the game in 1457 and 1471. Another earliest mention of golf is a reference to the purchase of golf clubs by James IV in 1502. Modern golf is believed to have spread to Australia, Canada, South Africa, and European states by the late 19th century. It is believed to enter the US, specifically North America, in around 1743 at Charleston, South Carolina. And in 1894, the United States Golf Association (USGA) was established.

Golf Gameplay

Golf is a club-and-ball game. It entails stroking the golf ball with a club to drive it into the target hole(s). The goal is typically to move the ball from the starting point into the golf hole with the fewest strokes possible. The player who finishes round(s) with the least number of strokes wins the game. Typically, one round consists of 9 or 18 holes. A professional match is usually complete in four rounds (72 golf holes).

Golf Leagues and Tournaments

Unlike in team sports, golf leagues are not popular; golf tournaments are. Notably, golf leagues are commonly limited to 40 - 60 players. As such, there are thousands of golf leagues in the world today. There are various golf tournaments played annually. The most popular matches in the world include;

Golf on TV and Live Streaming

The most exciting thing about golf is that tournaments have predetermined, consistent yearly schedules. As such, fans worldwide can plan and follow various tournaments efficiently. Better yet, multiple channels broadcast various live golf tournaments. Even better, there are dozens of golf streaming platforms today. This makes it pretty easy to watch live golf on TV and stream live matches on various access devices. The best channels for watching golf on TV include Golf Channel HD, CBS, NBC and ESPN+, and Fox Sports.

Final Words

Golf is one of the most played and followed sports in the world. Over 5.7 million people in the US watch golf on TV and on live streams. Interestingly, you can easily track and watch your favorite golf tournaments from anywhere in the world. All you need is your tournament's golf schedule, and you are good to go. Essentially, you can watch live golf on smart TV or cable with the help of a streaming media player. You can also stream live games on the go on Android, iOS, and other mobile devices.