Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse Racing on TV and stream

Horse racing, a classical era marketing tool and entertainment activity, turned into a business of many after thousands of years. Today, horse racing is one of the most celebrated sports in the world. Millions of people follow horse racing on TV or stream live horse racing tournaments on various streaming gadgets worldwide. Read on for insights into today’s horse racing sport. Here, we will discuss everything from the sport’s history to game types and competitions. We will also address how you can follow horse racing on TV and stream live actions online. Let’s get started.

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Horse Racing History and Popularity

Horse racing has been around since ancient times. It dates its origin back to about 4000 BC. Back then, it was among the nomadic tribespeople’s (of Kazakhstan, Central Asia) leisure sport. It was used to evaluate the supremacy of different tribes’ horses. The earliest record of horse racing is found in the Avesta – sacred scripture of ancient Persia – dated around 1500-1000 BC. Horse racing continued to be a crucial part of Asia even after the rise of the Roman kingdom in the 700s BC. And in 680 BC, it made its first appearance at the ancient Olympics. Years later, it spread quickly to Europe. The first European horse racing event took place in 680 BC in Greece. Later, in 1176, the first modern horse racing took place in the City of London. The sport spread to the neighboring countries and eventually to the US, the Middle East, and North Africa. It, however, became a professional sport in the 18th century during the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714). The first recorded horse racing in America took place in 1665. By this time, spectators were allowed to wager on the races. Notably, the betting and increased purses drew the attention of many to the sport, resulting in its rapid expansion.

Horse Racing Rules and Gameplay

The rapid expansion of horse racing led to the establishment of the Jockey Club in 1750. The club devised racing rules, which most of which are in use even today. Typically, horse racing does not have sophisticated rules. But it’s worth noting that different regions have differing horse racing rules, explaining how the race should be run. Also, the racing rules may differ depending on the type of race. The game demands a great deal of skill from the jockey and endurance and speed from the horse. The object of horse racing is to finish a predetermined course, usually a furlong or a mile and a half, first. Horse riding involves the jockeys navigating the race course with the horse. Other activities that may be involved in horse racing include pulling carts and jumping over hurdles and other obstacles.

Common Types of Horse Races

There are four common types of horse races. They include;
  1. Harness race: The competing horses trot, pulling the jockey/driver in a cart (sulky). It is one of the earliest types of horse racing activity.
  2. Flat race: This horse race involves pure running - no hurdles and carts. Here, the racehorses trot on flat tracks.
  3. Jump race: The jump race involves racing and jumping over hurdles, fences, water, and open ditches, among other obstacles.
  4. Endurance race: This horse race involves racing for a relatively long course, usually around 1,000 kilometers. The race tests the racehorse’s endurance or ability to cover long courses consistently.

Horse Racing Competitions

Horse racing is most popular in the US, Europe, England, and Australia. These states have established horse racing industries worth billions of dollars and hold the most watched racing events. The United States Kentucky Derby, for example, attracts over 150,000 in-field spectators annually. In addition, millions of people follow Kentucky Derby’s live horse racing on TV and live horse racing streaming platforms. Besides Kentucky Derby, other horse racing events famous in the world include;

Watch Live Horse racing on TV and Stream Live Action

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch live, on tv, or on streaming platforms. Interestingly, there are dozens of TV channels that broadcast horse racing events today. Even better, watching live horse racing on TV is straightforward. All you need is a TV channel subscription and streaming media player for cable TVs. The best channels to watch horse racing include BBC Sport, ESPN, ITV, Virgin 535, Freeview 231, NBC Sports, and ESPN. Also, while there is a variety of streaming platforms, you can efficiently follow horse racing schedules and calendars. Here, you only need an access device, an internet connection, and a streaming site.


Whether you are a betting fanatic, a horse lover, or a typical horse racing fan, following live events is undoubtedly fascinating. Remarkably, you can stream all your favorite horse racing events from anywhere in the world. Also, you can efficiently watch the races on both cable and smart TV.