Kevin Durant Says Green’s Punch Won’t Stop The Warriors

Kevin Durant is aware of the resemblances. The star forward for the Brooklyn Nets has seen the leaked video of Draymond Green striking Golden State Warriors teammate Jordan Poole during practice, but he has been unable to see the incident firsthand.

The event, and the fact that it became public, has caused damage to the locker room of the reigning champion Warriors.

Verbal Altercation That Intensified After a Game In The Early

A similar event, a verbal argument that escalated after a game in early November between then-Warriors teammates Durant and Green, had a similar effect on the framework of the organization and threatened to ruin the team’s cohesiveness at the start of the 2018-19 season.

After some time, Durant, and Green patched things up, and the Warriors got back to work. Almost four years later, they’re attempting to do the same thing again in the aftermath of this latest incident.

However, as Durant observes the procedure, he notices significant changes from the past. Durant told ESPN, “That’s not the same circumstance.” “In a shocking turn of events, someone was hit in the face.

There is just no comparison. It was just words, but I’ve heard that this kind of thing occurs often in the NBA. Absolutely nothing like that had ever existed in my whole life. What I did with Draymond a few years ago, though, is not an isolated incident. So, it’s simple to overcome, but I have no idea how these works out.”

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For his part, Durant, who spent three years with the Warriors and won an NBA title and the NBA Finals MVP award in each of his first two seasons there, has not had any contact with Green while the latter is on his hiatus.

While Durant and Poole, a 2019 draft pick, never played together with the Warriors, they have become friends due to their mutual acquaintance with many members of the coaching staff.

The bond between Durant and Poole is not “to the point where I can text him or call him and chat to him about it,” as Durant put it. According to Durant, “everyone’s back to normal” now.

The Next Game Will Kick Off with Draymond

“Draymond will start the upcoming game, whereas Jordan did so in the previous contest. That means things have returned to “normal,” I suppose. When conversations about basketball go beyond the game itself, I tend to tune out.

Other than those individuals, no one else is involved.” While there was no physical contact between Durant and Green during their 2018 verbal fight, the tone of the quarrel hung over the whole Warriors franchise for days.

The drama of the event and the uncertainty surrounding Durant’s imminent free agency hovered over Warriors players and coaches all season, although Durant and Green reconciled far more quickly than was first believed.

The Warriors now face the same kind of internal struggle and must learn to overcome it. Durant, who is familiar with the Warriors’ locker room, is sure that the team will find a way to recover from this latest setback.

Stephen Curry’s cool temperament and ability to rally his team through adversity have earned him widespread acclaim inside and outside the Warriors organization, and Kevin Durant recognizes that the key to the team’s success is its ability to draw from leadership at all levels.

“Strength in Numbers” has been the Warriors’ motto for as long as Durant can remember, and he thinks that’s what makes them so successful. “Also, everyone involved has always worked together. As a result, Steph isn’t the only one who’s attempting to round up the troops.

Andre [Iguodala] is assisting him, I can tell. And I do not doubt that [Kevon Looney] is assisting him. I do not doubt that Bob Myers, Shaun Livingston, Klay Thompson, and the other veterans are lending a hand.”

Both Bob and Steph Are Aware of This

This is not something you should attempt to handle on your own. And both Bob and Steph are aware of this. Being a member of that group, I can attest to the fact that they approach every task as a team.

Thus, I do not doubt that they are now debating amongst themselves to choose the most effective next steps.” For the first time in his 15 years in the NBA, Durant stated he had never seen a guy get pounded as hard as Poole did.

As Durant put it, “it’s uncommon.” “Rare occurrences like these don’t happen often. It wasn’t until the other day that I saw it on video, although I’ve been in the league for 16 years. There’s been talk about it with Michael Jackson and Bobby Portis, but it’s not a yearly occurrence.

Rarely does anything like that occur ” Not that it concerns any of us? But since we’ve seen the videos, it’s been a regular topic of discussion. We’re all entitled to our views, but I can say with confidence that mine aren’t relevant.

In other words, that’s the way it is.” Kyrie Irving, who plays on the same team as Kevin Durant, has witnessed occurrences like this throughout his career, even at the NBA level.

Irving said to ESPN, “I’m accustomed to that.” “I’ve seen it all in basketball. I’ve seen everything in sports. Now I’m accustomed to any situation that may arise. For the most part, there isn’t even a darn surprised.

As a youngster, I saw it alongside my father, a former professional player named Drederick, and as an adult, I witnessed it in NBA locker rooms.

Finishing Off  This Discussion

Men, particularly in our league, have a lot of fervor for this sport. And when tensions are this high, anything may happen. First and foremost, you should always take precautions to keep yourself safe.

Of course, we don’t anticipate any problems with Jordan as a teammate since he’s a wonderful kid. Furthermore, when you see such an event, you sympathize with a brother because you ask yourself, “If I were in that circumstance, what would I do?”

Not being Jordan or Draymond, we have no idea. I hope that Draymond can receive the help he needs and that JP can return to his concentration without being sidetracked.

After the footage of Green’s punch surfaced last week, it became a hot subject of talk around the NBA and beyond, as confirmed by Durant, who said it was discussed in the Nets locker room. It would be dishonest to claim that we haven’t discussed it, as Durant put it.

That’s not being honest at all. To my knowledge, such a topic was discussed in every single locker room. Nevertheless, how does my disclosing that contribute to the story? So, we’ll just keep that to ourselves in here, like they’re going to do in California with whatever it is they’re up to.

When questioned about the Warriors’ procedures, Durant repeatedly said, “it’s none of my concern,” even though he had repaired his connection with Green and won an Olympic gold medal with him only last summer in Tokyo.

I’m familiar with that bunch,” Durant added. That is one powerful and cohesive bunch. What’s going on in practices and all that, I simply don’t want the public to witness. Yet, let’s assume they find it out so we can proceed.

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