La Liga moves against racist abuse of Vinícius during the derby against Atlético

La Liga is formally going to present its report to the Spanish FA and the state’s anti-violence commission following the abuse received by Vinícius on Sunday. The Brazilian was a target of abuse by the Atlético fans during the game.

The uproar that trailed the remarks by Pedro Bravo and Koke over the celebratory dance steps of Vinicius Junior is yet to blow over. The attacks on the young Brazilian continued into the derby match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

Vinicius Junior had made dancing at the corner flag whenever he scores his signatory move, just as Ronaldinho used to do in the past, but it hasn’t gone down well with many people. The dance step comes off as rude and disrespectful in certain quarters.

The incident has raised the issue of racism in Spanish football. Despite apologies made by Pedro Bravo concerning statements he made about Vinicius, the agent unwittingly ignited the fires of a problem the federation has been trying to contain. The incidents during the derby game have forced an inquiry as Atletico fans chanted racist remarks at the Brazilian.

La Liga to deliver a report on the Madrid derby

There is an intense rivalry between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Perhaps the only rivalry that surpasses it is between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Things boiled over in the lead to the game on Sunday, with Pedro Bravo asking Vinícius Júnior to stop monkeying and Koke stoking the fires of the match with dangerous comments.

Following the outcome, La Liga will formally report to the Spanish Football Federation’s disciplinary committee and the state’s anti-violence commission. They will denounce the racist abuse aimed at Real Madrid winger Vinícius Júnior. Atletico Madrid fans were unruly during the game on Sunday as they made racist chants aimed at the Brazilian. The mayor of the city José Luis Martínez-Almeida is disappointed at the incident and said the culprits have no place in any stadium in Spain.

A group of Atleti fans tried to get under the Brazilian’s skin and chanted “Vinícius is a monkey” outside the Metropolitano stadium on Sunday night. Despite the incident outside the stadium, La Liga intends to include it in its report on fan behaviour. La Liga will deliver it to the anti-violence commission and hope they act on it.

The state body responsible for investigating hate crimes by the Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia (Movement Against Intolerance) has also received a formal complaint.

No place for hate crimes

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, is appalled at the racist chants aimed at Vinícius Júnior. Martinez said he doesn’t think the culprits deserve to be allowed into the stadium. He described the incidents as reproachable.

According to Martinez, there is no place for them. He did not limit it to a sporting event but to every sphere of life.

Atlético Madrid forward Matheus Cunha insists that the pre-game statement by Vinícius was not aimed at the club captain Koke, but the TV guest, Pedro Bravo. Bravo had accused the Brazilian on the Spanish show Chringuito of “Hacer el mono” – roughly, monkeying about. The statements came after a debate surrounding Vinícius celebrating goals by dancing.

The clip went viral, especially in Brazil, and it attracted support for Vinícius from many quarters, including Neymar, Dani Alves and even Pelé. Bravo later apologised, claiming he used the phrase figuratively.

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