Leicester City may sign either Thomas Frank or Sean Dyche to replace Brendan Rodgers

Following the embarrassing 6-2 loss to Spurs on Saturday, Leicester City may consider firing Brendan Rodgers. The Irishman has resigned to fate and said he would respect any decision by the club owners.

When will Leicester get to the point when they say they’ve had enough? The Foxes are having one of their worst seasons in recent memory. They have atrociously started this term, and with each game, there seems to be no way out of the tunnel.

Leicester City are at the bottom of the Premier League table. They have just a point. Each week the Foxes have plodded from one infamous result to another. Despite the glaring failures of this season, Leicester City have elected to keep faith with Brendan Rodgers. With the current situation, the love affair between the Scotsman and the club is edging towards its end.

Following the scandalous 6-2 defeat to Tottenham over the weekend, Leicester City may have started considering a different direction for the club. With relegation a looming reality, the Foxes have started considering parting ways with Brendan Rodgers. The 2016 Premier League champions are mulling over the idea of luring Thomas Frank to the King Power stadium.

Leicester City cast a glance at Thomas Frank

It is the second season for Brentford back in the Premier League, and the things the modest club have achieved are worth noting. Under the management of Thomas Frank, the Bees have been able to cause a few ruffles in the top flight. Most memorable is the 4-0 win over Manchester United in the current campaign.

Things may begin to unravel if the plans of Leicester City go to script. The Foxes are having a torrid season and are battling to escape relegation. On Saturday, Leicester lost to Tottenham Hotspurs, and it may sound the death knell for Rodgers.

The club admires the work of Thomas Frank, and following uncertainty over the future of Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City are considering making a move to replace him. According to reports by The Telegraph, the Brentford boss is a potential replacement for the Scotsman.

Other options and reactions

Undoubtedly, Thomas Frank has done a credible job at Brentford since he took over from Dean Smith. The Englishman led the Bees to promotion to the Premier League, making them a force to be reckoned with in the top flight. Thomas Frank has built a side that would give any team a run for their money.

It is not surprising Leicester City is seeking the Brentford boss. Would the Foxes convince Thomas Frank to leave the Bees?

Leicester City have other options on the cards and will exploit them if they fail to land the Brentford boss. Former Burnley boss Sean Dyche is also a potential target if the Foxes fail to get Thomas Frank.

The future looks bleak for Rodgers, with his side locked at the bottom of the table. The loss to Tottenham may finally force the hierarchy at the King Power stadium to move on from Rodgers.

After the loss to Spurs, Rodgers was not optimistic about his future at the club. In a statement to the press, the Scotsman said he understands the frustrations. According to the Leicester City boss, the responsibility is his to bear.

Rodgers has resigned to fate ad declared that he would respect whatever decision the owners take concerning his future at the club.

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