Marcus Smart on Danilo Gallinari’s ACL Rupture, Ankle Ailment, and Celtics Summer

Marcus Smart is back in the Celtics’ facilities, weight training, and recovering from playoff injuries. Many of his teammates have returned with less than a month till training camp, and the others will shortly.

It’s been less than three months since the NBA Finals at TD Garden, when Smart played despite a right foot injury, a sprained right ankle, and a long-running right thigh illness.

Smart is still rehabbing from an ankle injury as training camp approaches later this month, he told CLNS Media/CelticsBlog in an exclusive interview.

Ime Udoka stressed recuperation for a banged-up Celtics team following a grueling playoff run, while Smart spent the summer preparing for his eighth season in Boston.

Other Highlights On His YGC Foundation

“We’ve been doing this for a long and wanted to give back. Boston has shown me a lot of love, so I decided to pay it back by doing a pop-up.

People have been asking about the hoodies, shirts, and clothes, and they like the inventiveness we’ve been coming up with.

So we decided to organize a pop-up and allow everyone to come and buy something for themselves. My motivation is the community and the city, and the love they show me. I wanted to repay them.”

“My foundation is an important element of who I am. I created it nine years ago to assist discover a cure for cancer and mentor city youngsters.

Marcus Smart on Danilo Gallinari's ACL Rupture, Ankle Ailment, and Celtics Summer Post Image

My objective is to offer families and persons going through hard circumstances the hope they need. We have Smart carts that we roll to Children’s hospitals, and every cart contains up-to-date technology from iPads to tablets.

So anything that enables a child to be a kid while confined in a little space. So we’ve been doing a lot: fundraising, bowling, and finding methods to get everyone engaged.

Highlights Of The NBA Finals Loss

“It’s a lesson,” you hear often, but it’s hard to learn the hard way. Hard lessons must be learned. We learned a lot from our experience, but we had to lose to do so.

We now know what it takes to play, to be there, and the mental, physical, and emotional stress it causes. You learn when to be thrilled, how to play, and how to be calm. As you stated, it’s challenging to learn the hard way, but we did.

Individually, we’ve talked. Nobody has coordinated. We wanted to ignore it. It’s still new for us, so guys are trying to wait, but once we start talking, we’ll get it out there.

Highlights Of Danilo Gallinari’s ACL Tear

“We haven’t spoken. When I saw and heard it, it was terrible since I’d been keeping up with him. You don’t want anybody to be wounded, especially on your squad.

Someone like Gallo, who was going to assist us enormously, pushing us back a little bit, but it’s the NBA, we’re pros, and it’s time for them to step up.

Highlights Of Jaylen Brown Being Involved in Trade Reports

“He’s done well.” He’s smiling. We never discussed it together. He’s terrific. We were just chatting about the next season.

He’s managing things professionally, but don’t forget it’s a business first. Personal issues can’t be a factor in business, therefore don’t look at it that way.

Having your name in trade discussions is a compliment. You’re wanted. Good! If you’re not famous, nobody wants you. So that’s how I see it, and so should others. I know it’s challenging, but you never know. Everything is possible.

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