NFC Special Teams Player of Week: Zech McPhearson

According to the official announcement made by the league, cornerback Zech McPhearson of the Eagles has been selected as the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 1.

McPhearson is being honored for the Lions’ excellent use of an unexpected onside kick, which he successfully recovered.

Zech McPhearson is The NFC Special Teams Player of Week

He had the self-control to observe the kickoff rather than just making the assumption that Detroit would kick the ball into the end zone. After that, McPhearson made an outstanding grab despite the fact that the kickoff coverage team was closing in on him.

It Appeared Like A Regular Recovery, But It Helped The Eagles Win

Even while it may have seemed to be a simple recovery, it was really a rather significant play that led to the Eagles’ victory. The Eagles were able to start their drive for a score from the 49-yard line of the Lions thanks to McPhearson’s catch, which extended their lead to 38-21.

This touchdown was the last score of the game for Philadelphia, who went on to win by a narrow margin of three points. The offseason did not go well for McPhearson in any way.

Following the acquisition of James Bradberry, the second-year cornerback, who had been considered the odds-on favorite to start opposite Darius Slay, was demoted to a job as backup instead. After that, he had a difficult time at the training camp sessions.

McPhearson Lacked Confidence And/Or Irritation On Special Teams

It might be somewhat acceptable (albeit not precisely forgiving) if McPhearson was not completely committed on special teams owing to irritation and/or a lack of confidence. However, this does not excuse his behavior.

During the first week, however, that was most definitely not the case. McPhearson had two tackles on the special teams in addition to his huge recovery earlier in the game.

The Lions punt returner Kalif Raymond, who is no slouch in his job, took a big blow from one of those takedowns, which was a solid hit. It is not certain if McPhearson will continue to play defense in the future.

However, he may improve his market value by continuing to perform well on special teams. In the early part of this week, Eagles head football coach Nick Sirianni and special teams coordinator Michael Clay were both complimentary of McPhearson.

NFC Special Teams Player of Week Zech McPhearson Post Image

Yesterday’s Onside Kick Failed. You almost Missed it. Play? Teams? Unprepared. Playoffs?

Okay. Playoffs. Shouldn’t that be a turnover? How and where we grab the ball gives us momentum, like “you just tried to get us.” First, I have to thank Coaches Michael Clay, Joe Pannunzio, and Tyler Brown for preparing those guys.

We practiced with them. Zech rehearsed. Great trainer. It’s awesome when kids follow instructions. We can’t score, kick onside, or strip-sack fumble. We love helping people reach personal and team objectives.

Zech is meticulous in what he’s taught there, a pretty basic kick. Zech followed the rules and scored. Not just Zech. Zech caught it. Line and front did it. So much walking ensues. Many steps! This game’s expected. Afterward?

So, be consistent. Play your rules on offense, defense, and special teams. That doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s a chance. Zech’s squad and coaches did it. Special teams played well yesterday. Last year’s biggest special teams play was. Last year, Carolina blocked a punt, and now this. All aspects contributing to victory are awesome.

McPherson Scored — Since The Lions Scored Onsides Last Year, Did You Warn Him?

Yeah, it’s fantastic to have a complete off-season versus a difficult opponent. I could urge the men to look out for the onside kick all day, but points to Zech for being disciplined and not panicking.

He waited. Hearing the men speak about it was wonderful. They noticed, and we always say our kickoff return team must see the ball launched. The kicker kept a varied tempo by being aware and in the game.

Patrick Johnson, our rover, also noticed it and darted there. So, congrats on seizing that chance. In the NFL, nobody knows what will happen, so players must be ready. We’ve reviewed and practiced it. What we practiced occurred in the game.

As a coach, knowing you prepared them is satisfying. But it’s important for them to be disciplined from the start and support the team.

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