Poole Shines and Displays Mental Toughness in The Lakers Defeat

A test of mental toughness was given to Jordan Poole on Sunday night, and he breezed through it with excellence in front of his Warriors teammates and 18,064 supportive spectators.

After Getting a Blow from Teammate Draymond Green in Practice

Poole was unmarked, composed, and productive in the Warriors’ 124-121 loss to the Lakers in a preseason game played at the sold-out Chase Center four days after taking a wicked punch from teammate Draymond Green in practice.

The dramatic incident has become the talk of the NBA, and Poole’s performance was the talk of the league.

“There’s a reason he’s in this situation, ready to sign a large (contract) extension – hopefully,” the coach, Steve Kerr, said.

“There’s a reason why he’s in this position.” “The man can hold his own. He has a strong mind. He has a powerful muscular build. He has a tremendous amount of self-assurance in his performance, and he showed that tonight.

Poole finished his game with a team-high 25 points on 10-of-19 shooting, including 3-of-9 from long range, and a team-high six assists. He also led the team in minutes played. He was the only starting player for Golden State who did not commit a turnover.

Poole’s breakout performance came in the third quarter when he scored 18 points on 7-of-11 shooting and brought the audience to its feet many times. He shot 7-of-11 from the field.

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The Dramatic Climax Took Place

When there were just a little over two minutes left in the quarter, the dramatic high point occurred.

JP used a move in which he passed Lakers forward Matt Ryan and then lost help defender Cole Swider with a move in which he shifted the ball from his right hand to his left hand, behind his back, before going back to his right hand and dropping in a floater.

JP’s move began with him holding the ball in his right hand and then shifting it to his left hand behind his back. The audience erupted in applause. The other players cackled. Kevon Looney, who was sitting on the bench, let out a shocked expression.

And Kevin Durant, who was seen from a distance of hundreds of miles, sent out the following tweet:

“Who thinks to do some s—t like this? #boynice” Poole vehemently shrugged off any negative effects he could have faced during the most tumultuous week of a career that is entering its fourth season after earning a warm ovation during pregame introductions.

This came after Poole had received the enthusiasm of the crowd during the pregame introductions.

He Made the Decision to Let His Performance Do the Talking

Because Poole was unable to interact with the media, he decided to let his performance speak for itself. It served as just another illustration of what the Warriors have been saying about him ever since they picked him in 2019:

He does not cower in the face of the situation. According to Kerr, “What’s great about Jordan is that he’s a shot maker, and there’s so much value to that in the league.” “What’s intriguing about Jordan is that he’s a shot creator.”

It is essential to have a player who is capable of penetrating the opposition’s defense and generating scoring opportunities for either themselves or their teammates.

Because we have been able to see Jordan’s development over the last few years, including his growth in maturity and self-assurance, we know he is going to be someone we can rely on for a good number of years to come.

This is quite exciting. There are several talented young players on our team. However, Jordan is by far the most developed country. We are going to rely significantly on him both now and for a good portion of the near future.

Before the start of training camp, it was clear that the Warriors’ top priority was to get Poole committed to a contract extension for the long term.

Finishing Line

They are so preoccupied with it at this point. J.P. played as if this were just another game despite the intense focus that was being directed at him.

The evening belonged to him. The audience, which was seeing the Warriors in person for the first time since the NBA Finals in June, said that they had a great time seeing his performance. The Warriors considered this to be the best possible reaction.

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