Pucovski Has Decided to Stop Cricket for An Undetermined Period

Pucovski has decided to stop cricket for an undetermined period. The break is for personal reasons that have nothing to do with his repeated head injuries over the years.

Will Pucovski Quit Cricket Due to Personal Reasons

Will Pucovski has decided to take an extended leave of absence from cricket due to personal concerns that are unconnected to the several concussions he has had throughout his career.

Pucovski participated in Victoria’s first two Marsh Cup and Sheffield Shield games of the new season earlier this month, but he did not play in the last two Marsh Cup games against Western Australia and Tasmania.

And he has not been named in the Sheffield Shield side that will face Tasmania in Hobart on Saturday after requesting leave and having it granted.

It is generally accepted that the leave is comparable to that of Meg Lanning. The duration of Pucovski’s absence is unknown, and there is no schedule for when he is expected to return.

In a statement that was made, Cricket Victoria said that they would continue to provide Pucovski with any help that he needs and requested that his privacy be respected at this difficult time.

Graham Manou, general manager of cricket performance for Cricket Victoria, said that the organization’s main focus is always the well-being of its players.

We will continue to work with Will to ensure that he has the necessary assistance and space, and we will gladly welcome him back whenever he is ready.

During his brief career, Pucovski, now 24, has taken time off from Victoria for a variety of personal reasons on many occasions. These absences are distinct from the ones he took due to his concussion, the complications relating to his concussion, and his shoulder ailment.

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Pucovski Has Missed Many Games Before This One

Before making his debut in a test match in January 2021, Pucovski had had several absences from the game that were not directly associated with his physical problems.

He took a sabbatical after scoring his maiden Shield double-century in October 2018, and then he took another vacation after being called up to the Australia team in February of the following year for a two-Test series against Sri Lanka.

Both of these breaks occurred during the summer of 2018. After playing for Australia A in November 2019, he decided to remove himself from consideration for Test selection.

On the other hand, since he participated in his only test match, the bulk of his absences have been attributable to medical issues.

He sustained a dislocation of his shoulder while playing India in Sydney, which led to the need for reconstructive surgery and put an end to his season. The injury also prevented him from playing in any future matches.

In October of 2021, he had a concussion as he was hitting in the batting cages. He had fully recovered from the concussion when, in February of this year, when playing against South Australia, he had symptoms that were very similar to those of a concussion.

He needs a break, but it was later determined that he had not suffered any kind of official concussion as a result of the incident.

He had a constructive mentality about the physical state of his physique before the start of the summer. He scored a fifty in the final of the Sheffield Shield from the year before as well as in the first game of this season, which was played against New South Wales.

Finishing Line

This game was played against New South Wales. During the offseason, he traveled to India to participate in training sessions at the MRF Pace Academy in Chennai with a select group of other young Australian players in preparation for Australia’s upcoming tours of the subcontinent.

This decision was made with Australia’s upcoming tour schedule in mind.

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