Recent Shameful Cricket Drama India Is Accused of Lying

Heather Knight, the captain of the England women’s cricket team, has said that she believes the Indian players have been “lying” about a contentious event that has caused controversy all around the globe.

Recent Shameful Cricket Drama India Is Accused of Lying

The England team was left in shambles after suffering a defeat at the hands of India in its third one-day international match, which took place under very disputed circumstances. After England batter Charlie Dean found herself in the center of an ugly “Mankad” dispute, India won the third One-Day International (ODI) match at Lord’s to complete a sweep of the series by winning 3-0 overall.

The Third ODI Was England’s Last Chance

England was looking to pull off an incredible victory in the third one-day international even though they only had one wicket in hand and needed 17 runs off the last 39 balls.

However, Dean was left in a state of distress when she was tricked into believing that Sharma was ready to bowl. Instead, the Indian spinner stopped and whipped out the bails at the non-end, the striker’s leaving Dean in a state of confusion.

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Dean was in tears after being run out by Sharma, whose Mankad dismissal has been discussed all over the cricketing globe, with many people labeling it as one of the most controversial moments in cricket history “from India, something that is “ashamed” and “disgraceful.”

Vinoo Mankad, an Indian bowler, is credited as being the first player to use the controversial form of dismissal during a Test match in 1948. The match was played against Australia. The Mankad was named after him.

ICC Had Made an Attempt

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had attempted to legitimize the dismissal only a week ago by moving it from a section in their official rule book titled “unfair play” to a section titled “run-outs.”

But the adjustment will not take effect until the Twenty20 World Cup in a month, and in the meanwhile, the cricket community is still very plainly concerned about its standing in the game.

It is to Dean and England’s credit that they nevertheless shook hands and congratulated India on the victory even though they were aware that the Mankad is an acceptable type of dismissal, although it is frowned upon.

Sharma Unwittingly Ignited Another Issue by Claiming Dean

However, after returning to India, Sharma accidentally stoked the fires of another controversy by asserting that Dean and the England players were given prior warning about it.

She said to the media that “that was our strategy because she (Dean) was constantly doing it (stepping off the crease), and we had warned them too.” “That was our plan because she (Dean) was continually doing it.”

“In addition to that, we had alerted the referees. But the fact that she was so close meant that there was not much we could do about the situation. Everything was carried out following the regulations and policies.”

In the midst of widespread criticism, Indian cricketers and commentators have come out in support of Sharma. Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur was even quoted as saying, “I don’t believe there was any crime.”

The Captain of England Accuses India of “Lying”

In a stinging post on social media, England’s captain Knight, who was out from the game due to a hip injury, has stoked the fire of the controversy by accusing India of “lying” about the cautions they gave to the England squad. Knight missed the game because of the injury.

“The game is done, and Charlie (Dean) was let go for valid reasons. “Both the match and the series were rightfully won by India,” Knight said on his Twitter account. “However, there was not a single warning.

They do not have to be provided; therefore, their absence does not make the dismissal any less lawful. However, if they are OK with the choice to affect the run-out, India should not feel the need to explain it by lying about the warnings they have received.

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