Warner’s Punishment May Be Eased So He May Lead Again

Directors of Cricket Australia are looking at amending the organization’s code of conduct to consider reducing David Warner’s lifetime ban from holding a leadership position as soon as this coming Friday.

Warner Was Removed from His Leadership Role

Since the ball-tampering controversy that occurred in 2018, Warner has had a leadership suspension looming over his head, and he has been eager to get the sentence overturned.

The player, who is 35 years old, has been suggested as a possibility for the vacant one-day captaincy in Australia; however, he is unable to fulfill the job because of his penalties.

The way things are now set up, players who accept punishment for violating the code of conduct give up their ability to have the situation looked into further. It follows that the CA’s code would need to be modified for Warner’s ban to be reviewed.

Which is something that the directors will examine at the board meeting that will take place in Hobart this coming Friday.

“The opinion inside Cricket Australia is that David is performing especially well on the field and making a wonderful contribution off the field,” Cricket Australia chairman Lachlan Henderson said.

David’s Off-Field Contributions Are Recognized by Cricket Australia

“The perception within Cricket Australia is that David is making a tremendous contribution off the field.” “The first thing that has to be done about the prohibition on David’s leadership is to go at the code and see whether or not those punishments may be reconsidered.

as well as any necessary changes to that code that should be considered and implemented.” Henderson said that the code would be rewritten if it was determined to be required before deciding about the one-day captaincy.

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“Our goal is to complete the code review in the least amount of time possible. Delaying that would not serve anyone’s best interests, including our own “Henderson added. “It would be appropriate for any future talks about David’s leadership to take place at this time.”

However, some obstacles must be overcome. CA is concerned that any modification to the rule that is adopted after consulting with the ethics commissioner, Simon Longstaff, might have repercussions on issues that go beyond Warner.

At the same time, Chief Executive Officer Nick Hockley emphasized that players had the right to prove they had changed since the moment at which they were given a lifelong ban.

We’re Considering Good-Behavior and Progress-Based Punishments

Hockley explained what they were considering by saying, “In very basic words, we are looking at penalties to be assessed for good behavior and progress over some time.”

“Pending the debate that will take place tomorrow, it will then be necessary to make changes to the code, and such changes will have to be accepted by the board.”

The two made their remarks after CA revealed a deficit of $5.1 million for the 2021-22 financial year at Thursday’s annual general meeting (AGM).

CA attributed most of the loss to difficulties brought on by the pandemic, in addition to a decrease in media rights from the UK for the Ashes that took place throughout the summer.

After Mel Jones’s decision to go down as a director, former women’s quick Clea Smith was also elected to the CA board in a unanimous vote, making her the only former player now serving in that capacity.

Smith has served in a variety of capacities at the Australian Cricketers Association in the past, and he played a key part in shaping the parental leave policy that will be implemented in 2019.

David Maddocks, a former chair of Cricket Victoria, was also elected as a successor for Michelle Tredenick, who is stepping down from her position.

Finishing Off This Discussion

While this is going on, CA has not yet decided whether or not they would remove the ban on playing Afghanistan in bilateral matches before the beginning of the one-day international series early in 2019.

The nation was under Taliban administration when Australia declined to host them during the summer of 2013, but Australia has now consented to play them in the men’s T20 World Cup match on November 4 since the tournament is being run by the ICC.

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