Warriors Guard Jordan Poole Is Singled Out by Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors have an abundance of skill on their team. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have been the team’s primary leaders during its current dynasty.

However, new players like Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney, and Jordan Poole have emerged as key cogs in the last season. Wiggins is an all-around superstar, Looney is an outstanding rebounder, and Poole, at his prime, resembles a youthful version of Curry.

Kerr Also Mentioned Poole’s Accomplishment In The Playoffs Last Year

All three were vital to Golden State’s championship run last year, but head coach Steve Kerr believes they can be better. For 95.7 The Game’s Damon and Ratto, Kerr discussed Poole and how he can improve for the next season.

He noted that although Poole’s offense doesn’t have much opportunity for growth, his defense definitely does. The coach, Steve Kerr, has said, “I don’t know if he can do much more to step up offensively.” To that end, “he still has room for improvement on the defensive end.”

Barring any contract difficulties next summer, the rookie guard will have a significant role in Golden State for many seasons to come. With all the promise he’s shown over the previous two years, he’s a shoe-in to take over Curry’s backup point guard duties when he finally hangs up his sneakers.

The Playoffs Were Poole’s Time To Shine

Poole has always been at his best offensively, but he needs to put in some more work to be a strong defender. Kerr said that during Poole’s last year’s playoffs that he appeared more involved on both ends of the field.

I think he showed he can be a legitimate two-way player when he was completely engaged and truly played with toughness in the playoffs last year, but he understands he hasn’t developed into that regularly. And so,” Kerr said, “that’s the next stage for Jordan.

After the regular season ended, Poole started five of the Warriors’ 22 postseason games. He shot 50.8% from the field and 39.1% from three-point range for an average of 17.0 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game.

Poole wasn’t, however, the only player to whom Kerr devoted an interview time. Thompson was another topic he covered.

Next Year Should Be a Better One for Thompson

After being sidelined for more than two years, Thompson finally made his victorious comeback to the court in the previous year. Even though he turned in a solid performance, Coach Kerr believes that he will be even more reliable the next season.

Warriors Guard Jordan Poole Is Singled Out by Steve Kerr Post Image

Kerr said that it seems as if Lay is now floating on cloud nine. “He can’t wait for training camp to begin, and I would anticipate him to be more consistent this year, just having that fitness foundation beneath him, as well as the consistency of excellent condition and being able to exercise throughout the summer.”

In addition, Kerr pointed out that Thompson has had a productive offseason thus far.

Finishing Words

Kerr said, “We texted the other day, and he is just having such a wonderful summer,” as an explanation. “Now that he’s back and he’s well, and his brother Trayce [Thompson] is hitting home runs for the Dodgers, he’s in such a fantastic position,” the announcer said. “He’s in such a wonderful place.”

Based on what he stated during the interview, it seems as if Kerr has full faith in the possibility that both Poole and Thompson would have outstanding seasons the next year.

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