After Knee Surgery Kawhi Leonard Will Miss Two Games

The Los Angeles Clippers have been working diligently to re-sign Kawhi Leonard in a manner that is as unhurried as is humanly feasible. Nonetheless, even this procedure is subject to occasional setbacks.

Leonard Felt Knee Soreness During Pregame Shootaround

According to ESPN, Leonard had stiffness in his surgically repaired right knee while participating in a pregame shootaround, which led to the decision to put him out of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday as well as a game against the same club on Thursday.

Even though it has been claimed that Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue has made it obvious that Kawhi Leonard has not experienced a setback in his rehabilitation from a torn ACL, the star player will nonetheless go back to Los Angeles to seek therapy on the knee.

From ESPN:

“After shootaround, (he) experienced some stiffness in his knee,” Lue said before the Clippers played the Thunder. “And so we want to be cautious, make sure we’re doing the right thing by him, even though he wanted to play.

We just thought it wasn’t smart. He can be mad at us if he wants to but just not smart right now.”

After playing on Thursday, the next game for the Clippers comes on Sunday when they take on the New Orleans Pelicans. It is yet unknown how Leonard will participate in that game.

After Knee Surgery, Kawhi Leonard Will Miss Two Games Post Image

Paul George Will Also Miss Tuesday’s Game for The Pacers

The extent of Leonard’s recovery from the knee surgery that kept him out of action for the whole of the previous season has been limited up to this point, but it is encouraging to see him back out on the court.

Reportedly at Kawhi Leonard’s request, the Clippers have brought him off the bench, and he has played in two of three games so far, missing the first game in a back-to-back set of games. Kawhi Leonard has been said to have asked the Clippers to do this.

Leonard has played a total of 42 minutes in this game and has scored a total of 25 points, 13 rebounds, and an 8-of-18 performance from the field in terms of field goal shooting.

It has been made very clear that the Clippers are prepared to wait for Kawhi Leonard to report that he is fully operational before giving him the regular amount of playing time and usage that he gets before deciding whether or not to play him.

Even though their strength is already being put to the test this season, the club has a remarkable amount of depth, which should enable them to make the playoffs even without him. This is the case even though this season marks their first without him.

Finishing Line

Ivica Zubac, Norman Powell, and Reggie Jackson will start for the Clippers on Tuesday since Paul George and Marcus Morris will not be available due to sickness and personal reasons, respectively.

In their place, the Clippers will start Terance Mann, Nicolas Batum, and Reggie Jackson. Both Paul George and Marcus Morris will not be able to play tonight owing to their respective illnesses and personal commitments respectively.

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