After Losses The Jaguars Must Fix Their Defense

The defense for the Jacksonville Jaguars is struggling to find its voice. Before the previous three games, they were one of the best groups in the NFL.

This most recent collapse occurred on Sunday in a 34-27 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, and now they are frantically trying to find out how to reverse their fortunes. There would be no chance to stay in the hunt for the AFC South title without it.

Maintaining Trust in Our Position Is Vital

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin stated, “The most important thing is for everyone to keep believing in what we’ve got going on and realize that we have everything that we need to compete and make it happen.”

This aftertaste must be eliminated immediately. Three losses in a row without the results or victory you deserve is challenging. What is most important is that we get this off of ourselves by showering.

What occurred against the Colts will stick with you. Jaguars let the Colts score on their last five drives, including the game-winning touchdown with 17 seconds to go.

Even though they were missing running backs Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines and were using their sixth offensive line combination in six weeks.

In their previous week’s two shutout win, the Jaguars had sacked quarterback Matt Ryan five times and intercepted him three times.

However, they made two penalties that led to longer scoring drives: Despite an incompletion and pass interference on third down, the Jaguars had the ball at the 10-yard line thanks to a roughing of the passer flag against linebacker Travon Walker.

Walker has now committed a penalty on third down for the second week in a row. On a third-and-20 play, he first jumped offside, and then he knocked Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills to the ground.

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This Was the Game-Winning Move

This allowed the drive that would end up being the game-winning drive to continue. The Colts racked up 389 passing yards because of their usage of pace, fast throws, and crossing routes.

The last 32 of those passing yards came on a touchdown ball from Ryan to Alex Pierce down the sideline, which Pierce caught over Griffin. That was the icing on the cake for Griffin’s difficult day, which included another penalty for pass interference.

The defense may face a game plan that is very similar to that of their future opponents. The Jaguars will play the New York Giants at home on Sunday, and then they will face the Denver Broncos at Wembley Stadium in London on October 30.

The Jaguars should be prepared for the Giants and Broncos to run excellent crossing routes, although they may not play the fast game as often as the Colts do.

According to the head coach of the team, Doug Pederson, “That’s one thing about this league: Until you stop something, you’re going to continue to see it.”

“We have to review the footage and make sure that as coaches we are doing the correct things to put our players in a position to win those fights,” said the head coach.

In the first three weeks of the season, the Jaguars played quite well. They had eight turnovers, seven sacks, and allowed 38 points to their opponents.

Finishing Line

At Jacksonville, they were able to throw a shutout against the Colts, while in SoFi Stadium, they limited Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert to only 10 points.

Since their victory in Los Angeles by a score of 38-10, the Jaguars have not been able to force a single turnover, have recorded only three sacks, and have allowed their opponents to score 76 points.

Additionally, the Jaguars have committed several penalties that have lengthened drives that have resulted in touchdowns. Josh Allen, a member of the defensive unit, said that “as a defense, we’ve got to shut it.”

“We didn’t even [capitalize on] the opportunity [to make a final stop against the Colts], so we’ve got to look back at what we did wrong in that position because it’s going to come back up,” said the head coach after the game.

“Next time we’ve got to come out on top, and we’ve got to figure out how.”

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