Alex Hales’ England Return Caused No Problems – Jos Buttler

After Jonny Bairstow was injured, the England captain called Alex Hales the “natural selection” to replace him. Alex Hales’ England return caused no problems – Jos Buttler.

According to Jos Buttler, Alex Hales is “a different guy” after three and a half years away from international cricket, making him “the obvious selection” to replace the injured Jonny Bairstow in England’s T20 World Cup lineup.

When Hales arrived in Pakistan, he was wearing his England training kit for the first time since a camp before the 2019 World Cup. He also brought a dartboard with him as he prepared to spend three weeks in close company with teammates old and new under tight security in Karachi and Lahore.

Jos Buttler Said Alex Hales’ England Return Caused No Problems

On Thursday, he called Buttler to discuss his continuing absence from the England set-up, two weeks after finding out he wouldn’t be included in the World Cup or Pakistan tour teams. But Bairstow’s ankle injury gave way for Hales’ recall.

After discussions with professional gamers over the coming days, the provisional panel members made a clear majority choice to include Hales back into the fold.

Bairstow slipped at Pannal Golf Club near Harrogate while Rob Key, England’s managing director, was telling the press he would open with Buttler at the World Cup.

Jonny’s Best T20 Placing Is At Top Of Order [Predicted]

Speaking to the touring media during his formal arrival news conference on Thursday in Karachi, Buttler stated, “Initially, we believed the best choice was Jonny at the top of the order since that’s undoubtedly his strongest position in T20 cricket.”

“But his bizarre accident opened the door for someone else to step in.” Bairstow got hurt just as Keysy was announcing that he was going to open and vouching for his qualifications. Soon after he stopped talking to you, I got word that Jonny had damaged his leg.

I was hoped it wouldn’t be as horrible as it was. We’re going to miss him a lot since he had such a terrific summer, but someone else will have the chance. I had several of the veteran players give me their word that they wouldn’t mind having Alex back on the club if we were to choose him.

There were zero problems. Clearly, he’s been in peak physical condition. We all know what a fantastic player he is, and he’s obviously matured a lot since his last England appearance.

He’s had a lot of success in the PSL, where he’s played for many teams. His Big Bash numbers (1857 runs, 33.16 average, and 151.34 strike rate) are impressive heading into the World Cup. Considering his success Down Under, he seemed a natural choice.

England Dropped Hales From Their World Cup Roster

An explosive month before the 2019 World Cup, it was revealed that Hales had been suspended for recreational drug usage, forcing Eoin Morgan to accuse him of demonstrating a “total disrespect” for team standards. His England career ended after that.

Morgan’s decision to retire from international cricket in June created an opening that Hals took advantage of when he was recalled last week while on vacation in South Africa.

Although he was not chosen, “he did write me to ask if it would be possible to have a talk about why,” Buttler added. Later, I told him why he didn’t receive the job, and we had a nice conversation. Needless to say, it made him sad.

Alex Hales' England Return Caused No Problems - Jos Buttler Post Image

That’s the way things ought to be, so it’s good to hear you say that. Things, however, shifted rapidly, and it became clear that a player from the subsequent pool would be selected as a substitute.

I feel like a lot of time has passed and things have settled down. It’s been a while, and I have no doubt that Alex has changed. It’s excellent that his strong play earned him a spot on the squad again after he was left out for a while. We’re excited to see him play for England again.

Alex Was Snubbed For The 2019 World Cup

Buttler elaborated on his conversations with veteran players, saying, “I believe it was crucial.” It’s common knowledge that Eoin followed Alex’s lead when he was overlooked for the 2019 World Cup team.

I believe it’s crucial that you offer ownership to other people and get their perspectives as a team, and he spoke to a lot of the older players and the coaching staff about that. I needed to be sure. I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page, but I had my own opinion.

And that’s fantastic, because everyone was. Simply having him back among us will be a welcome sight. Everything will be OK until Moeen Ali starts making fun of him again.

Buttler also said that he still considers Jason Roy to be “my first choice 50-over opener,” despite the fact that Roy was notably left off of England’s winter teams. He described the conversation as “very trying.”

One of the most crucial things I told him was that this was not the end of the world and that his condition was not fatal. When he’s playing well, everyone can hear what a genius he is. In order to help him go back to that place, we discussed a few options.

Finishing Off

Buttler’s early contribution on the tour will be hampered by a calf injury he received during the Hundred, but he said he desired to be a part of England’s first trip to Pakistan since 2005.

“Whether I could play or not, I thought being here would be valuable,” he remarked. “I’ll take everything as it comes and build steadily. It’s a minor injury with recurrence risk.

We still have games in Australia and comforting games, so there’s no rush to be fit. Best-case scenario: I’m available for the final few. It may occur sooner or later. A week will clarify everything. I’m excited to start.

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