Brendan Rodgers has Leicester backing despite poor start to the season

Brendan Rodgers insists he will not walk away from the club despite their poor start to the season. The Scotsman says he has the club backing to get them out of the rut.

Leicester City sit at the bottom of the Premier League log. It’s been a terrible start to the season for the Foxes. They have struggled to rack up the points and have been generous with goals. The current form of Leicester City is a relegation credential, and they have to do something about it to rein it in.

Brendan Rodgers must be scratching his head as he tries to formulate a plan to get his side out of the rut before he finds himself jobless. The Scotsman has come close to finishing in the top four. He is at odds with the current situation at the club.

Leicester City have played six matches this season with no win. Only two teams have managed that feat this season – Leicester City and Everton. The 2016 Premier League winners may be playing their last season in the top flight since 2015.

The situation at Leicester City should put any manager on edge and worried about his job. Rodgers seems confident about staying at Leicester City and bailing them out of the fix. Rodgers claims he has the backing of the club.

Brendan Rodgers is confident about keeping his job

In 2010, after nine Championship matches, Paulo Sousa was sacked as manager of Leicester City. At the time of his sack, the team had just one win in nine league matches. The Foxes under Brendan Rodgers are treading that line. The 2016 Premier League champions have just one point from their first six league matches. The point came in their 2-2 draw with Brentford at the King Power stadium. Brendan Rodgers is leading the team the right way for a sack.

Despite this record, Rodgers is confident he is the right man to get the team out of the mess. The Foxes are at the bottom of the Premier League table after five successive losses that ordinarily would have gotten any manager the boot.

Rodgers seems to have bought himself enough credit at the club and insists that he bail the club out. He was emphatic about his desire to stick it out. The Scotsman agrees that it has not been a great start, but the work done at the club is evident in the support they have received.

I will not walk away – Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers claims he has the full support of the club management and insists he will not walk away from the assignment before him. Despite five successive losses, Brendan Rodgers claims he is not under pressure and remains adamant that he will stick it out.

When questioned on whether he has considered his position, Rodgers replied with an unequivocal no. He said the club has been very supportive. He said the responsibility to improve the results at the club is strictly his, and he has the club’s backing to correct the anomalies.

Rodgers says finding the motivation to turn things around is not arduous. According to the former Liverpool manager, changing things is easy, and he loves being at the club. Rodgers lauded his record at the club but agrees things have not been at his usual level.

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