Ponting Blasted the West Indies’ Early Exit

Ponting blasted the West Indies’ early exit. Ricky Ponting has called the West Indies’ early elimination from the T20 World Cup a “disgrace.” The defending champions were kicked out of the competition after only three matches when they were humiliated by Ireland.

After Losing to Scotland for The First Time in Hobart

After suffering their first defeat in Hobart against Scotland, the West Indies were able to give themselves a chance by claiming victory against Zimbabwe. This resulted in their last group encounter becoming a winner-take-all confrontation.

In the end, they were only able to score 146 for five, which Ireland was able to chase down with the loss of just one wicket.

The response was immediate, with CWI president Ricky Skerritt placing blame on the hitters and committing to do a “thorough postmortem.”

The events leading up to the tournament included the contentious decision to leave Andre Russell off of the team’s roster, followed by Shimron Hetmyer’s dismissal from the team when he missed his trip to Australia.

Ponting said at the SCG in front of the crowd before the first match of the Super 12s between Australia and New Zealand, “It’s a shame.” “It will be detrimental to their cricket.

There is just too much quality on that squad and in West Indian cricket for them to be unable to go to the next level of a World Cup ” And even one of their most important players did not make it to the jet that was supposed to bring them to this country for the World Cup.

This very well encapsulates how unimportant these competitions are to the West Indies players, and if you look at how they performed, you had come to the same conclusion.

Nicholas Because Pooran and these other men are better players than the ones we have seen over the last couple of weeks, there is no question that there will be some introspection going on when they come back from their trip.

It is easy for me to stand here and say that it is a travesty that they have not made it, but they will be suffering as much as everybody else. They will be as upset as anyone else.

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They Presumably Dreamed Big Before Arrival

They would have been thinking and dreaming big before coming here, but they have not performed quite well enough to even move further in the competition. Therefore, there is some job for them to perform.”

Next month, West Indies will go to Australia to play two Test matches against a squad that will appear quite different from their last trip.

Ponting was already worried about how hard the next matches in Perth and Adelaide may be, although he acknowledged that the West Indies had been more competitive at home.

But they have not triumphed in a Test match in Australia since 1997 when they last competed there in a series that took place in 2015-2016.

Ponting said that he did not need to see it to become more concerned about the first two test matches.

“But what’s remarkable about it is that they’ve found a method, especially at home I think, in the past few years to be pretty competitive on the Test front with Brathwaite and Holder, in terms of their performance in test cricket, he’s been incredibly helpful for them.

Finishing Line

However, for them to compete against the Australians in the present group that the Australians have, they are going to need to find a few more lengths in their game. Putting them side by side on paper makes it impossible to imagine that they could compete with one another.

Cricket is a hilarious sport, but I believe that they are going to have to play out of their skins if they want the first two Tests to be entertaining.

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